About Us

Our origins

The North Eastern Skin Research Fund was set up in 1966 in Newcastle upon Tyne to promote research into the cause, prevention and treatment of skin disorders. It was the first charitable trust for skin disease to be set up in the United Kingdom. In the past 50 years we have supported skin research at all levels throughout the North East.

The unmet need

Skin disorders are extremely common. For example, over half the population are affected by skin disease each year, with up to a third of the population being affected at any one time. Skin problems frequently cause symptoms such as itch and discomfort. Furthermore, skin disorders can be very disabling, but the psychological effects are often under-appreciated. Problems are often long-term and can severely affect quality of life. However, skin disease rarely kills so investment into research has been relatively neglected. Yet, the rate of the potentially life-threatening skin cancer melanoma continues to rise. What we can do is greatly limited by available funds and it was for this reason that the North Eastern Skin Research Fund was established.

Skin research in the North East

We have a strong tradition for research in dermatology in the North East. Indeed the first academic dermatology department in the country was founded in Newcastle and over the years we have made some major contributions to the understanding and treatment of skin disease.Today the Department of Dermatology at Newcastle University is recognised as one of the main academic departments in the UK and has an international reputation. We are focused on combining clinical and basic science research for the benefit of patients. Currently we are investigating a number of key areas including psoriasis, atopic eczema, wound healing, stem cells, skin cancer and melanoma. v

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The Future

We wish to continue developing the charity to support the research which so desperately needs to be done. Our aim as always is to help patients who suffer from disabling skin disease.

Funding Skin Disease Research in North Eastern England.