Get Involved

If you want to help us to raise money to support the NESRF, perhaps because you have experience of skin disease, either in yourself, a family member or friend, then there are many ways to get involved.

These include:

Spread the word
The more people who know about the work of the NESRF, the better! We have leaflets and posters available for you to display at your work or in community areas.

Individual fund raising
This could be from you, your friends or family, either as a one off donation or a monthly donation made by direct debit.

Group fund raising
This would involve you asking social or other groups you are involved with, including for example work colleagues, to make a donation to NESRF, as this is the charity you support.

Personal fund raising events
These are events planned and hosted by you. For example we have patients who organise extremely successful fund-raising coffee mornings, Quiz nights, where people get a return for their donation.

Match funding
Many employers will now match the money that you raiseĀ  – there is never any harm in asking!
Good luck and thank you

Funding Skin Disease Research in North Eastern England.