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Many specific projects have benefited from NESRF support since 1997.  The profile of the NESRF is increasing which can only be of further benefit to skin research within the region.  We continue to attract applications for funding to support research projects.

Applications are invited which conform to the following guidelines.

Applying for Research Awards

1. An NESRF award is available to anybody who wishes to carry out non-commercial dermatological research primarily within the Northern Deanery.

2. The maximum duration of an award for a research project is three years. Awards will be considered for specific research projects or pieces of equipment necessary to facilitate the same and will be made to the institution where the project will be undertaken. After the end of the project the equipment becomes the property of the institution. If, during the course of the project, the principal investigator moves to another institution and wishes to take the equipment with him/her, a written request should be made to the NESRF.

3. Applications should include:
Title of project/equipment, proposed start and finish dates
Abstract (maximum 250 words)
The NESRF will not support animal experiments unless there is no alternative. If you propose experiments on animals, please justify why this is necessary and estimate the number of animals needed in your experimental design, through a formal power calculation Plan of project/use of equipment
Outline of costs and any co-funding
Justification for support
Curriculum vitae of principal investigator, including other current sources of grant funding
Declaration on conflicts of interest
Current post, department/address & signature of principal investigator
As a guide three sides of A4 for the proposal should be adequate.

4. Applications will be assessed by impartial members of the Council of the NESRF and one external referee, selected by the Chair of the Council.

5. Awards will be allocated twice a year after discussion at the spring and autumn meetings of the NESRF Council.

6. Successful awards must be activated within 12 months of approval.

7. Where appropriate, awardees should submit written evidence of ethical approval of the work before proceeding with the research project.

8. Awards should be claimed by authorised finance departments submitting invoices within three years of the project being activated.

9. A scientific (one side of A4) and lay report (200 words) should be submitted after a year and within three months of completion of the project.

10. The NESRF support should be acknowledged in any relevant presentations or papers and copies submitted to the Chair of the NESRF.

11. The NESRF Council will be responsible for monitoring awards.

Two copies of the application plus a copy by email should be sent to:
Professor NJ Reynolds, Chair of NESRF
Dermatological Sciences
Newcastle University
Medical School
Framlington Place
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel 0191 222 8936

Funding Skin Disease Research in North Eastern England.