According to recent UK figures, there are 8 million people who live with a skin disease Рsome are manageable (including psoriasis and eczema), others can rarely be severe enough to kill (including some skin cancers). The number of people suffering from skin disease continues to grow each day. Research is needed to prevent the increase in skin disease in the UK by exploring the causes in order to produce effective treatments.

Over the past 15 years, the NESRF has supported 18 high quality research projects with a total value of more than £150,000. This has included vital research into basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer), sunlight induced skin damage, the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases (eg. Psoriasis), metastatic melanoma, wound healing, and ultraviolet light therapy for atopic eczema.

Research of course costs money and without your donations we would not be able to continue to support this work.

Funding Skin Disease Research in North Eastern England.